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June 10, 2009


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Joe Greiner

It looks like a first step to a artist controlled marketplace for their tickets. For this specific system, it is going to be a logistical headache for buyers and the venues and will elicit a lot of complaints from parents. As far as corporate buyers, they will purchase the "VIP" packages for this tour. See them here -

If a system like this becomes more prevalent, companies will be forced to create deals direct with Live Nation or Ticketmaster for a set number of tickets as well as deals with venues for specific VIP seats for all events. If a company tracks the ROI or effectiveness of buying tickets for business purposes, they can easily determine the maximum price they are willing to pay - this will usually be higher than what an individual will pay.

For a short debate on this, check out the president of StubHub and ticketmaster on CNBC -

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