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September 25, 2009


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Very interesting - I have seen more of the reverse with my clients, mandating approvals prior to purchase, or better still mandating that they go thru their travel or meeting planning department within the company in order to book travel, airline, hotel, meetings, etc. Would personally suggest to this company that they have more controls in place in order to protect their employees and know where they are should any emergency situation occur.

Alex Kutin

This is contrary to what I have been experiencing with my discussions. I believe that companies are going to more control and utilizing people within their organizations to control expenses.

Alex Kutin

Also, sounds like they need a review of their travel policies with controls to enforce.

Dennis Bailey

I dont think its the norm for sure, but that doesnt mean they dont need help. I suggest you refer them to a Travel Consultant who could conduct a review and present a summary of where they could be and what they could saving. I recommend.......let me think........ ME

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